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Forst Räum- und Härtetechnik

Contract Broaching

Vertical machines with up to 3 broaching stations and 120 tons pulling force, also for helical broaching and hard broaching, are available as well as horizontal machines with up to 35 tons pulling force. Standard profiles can be broached with Forst owned broaching tools, such as:

  • Spline profiles according to DIN/ISO14 and DIN 5472
  • Involute spline profiles according to DIN 5480 and DIN 5482
  • Serration profiles according to DIN 5481
  • Rectangular and hexagonal profiles according to DIN 79
  • Keyway profiles according to DIN 6885
  • Various special profiles

Broaching tools for customer specific profiles have to be ordered separately.

Contract heat treatment

The heat treat department is set up for hardening and tempering of high speed steel, PM-materials, HIP-materials, cold and hot forming steels as well as quenching and tempering of cold forming steels under vacuum.
Two vacuum furnaces for diameters up to 600 mm and a maximum length of 2800 mm are installed.
Forst is specialized on heat treatment, tempering and straightening of parts that require minimum distortions like broaching tools, extruder screws, rollers and guideways.

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